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Metaphysical Services and Readings

Metaphysics - There are many understandings of the term "metaphysics" - for our purposes the term pertains to anything that occurs beyond what we can see, smell, touch, taste, and hear. Metaphysical practices then contain any 'work' we consider to be energetic, supernatural, spiritual, Divine, etc. Meditation practices and journeying, extrasensory awareness of the world around us, tapping in to the unseen, and learning to move and relate to your energy field are all considered metaphysical practices.

With the "Dance With Your Inner Flame" sessions, we can work together in finding your metaphysical talents and learn how to integrate them to bring peace and contentment to your everyday life. 

Readings at this time include interpreting dreams and what they can tell you about you and your current path. *Readings are not meant to be used for advice or guidance but are intended to bring awareness and new perspectives to certain situations.

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