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Code of Ethics

These ethics pertain to every person engaged with in-person and online workshops, one-to-one sessions, events, and groups offered by Spirit of Drakaina LLC, to include employees and all attendees and clients. We trust you to use your best judgment when interacting with others, but have provided this guideline as a reference tool should there be any questions about personal behaviors. 
Anyone found to be in violation of the Code of Ethics may be asked to leave our workshops and/or groups and may be banned from future services. If one has been asked to leave a paid event, workshop, session, or group due to a violation, no refunds will be made.

First, let’s define professional ethics: they are a set of principles that guide the behavior of people in business and in group settings. They are essential to maintaining an open comforting space for all.

  • Follow the Golden Rule – no matter what religion or practice you follow, the Golden Rule is the same – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (One of my personal favorite versions is Do no harm, but take no shit 😉 )

    • Malicious, deceitful, and/or petty conduct will NOT be tolerated. ​

  • Always interact with honesty and integrity.

    • Remember, not everyone sees things the same way you might and ALL opinions are valid. 

      • This is not the same as allowing untruths vs. facts in our conversations as a form of persuasion - engage in critical thinking and personal responsibility when sharing opinions. This does not mean we have to accept ALL opinions as our truths, but to allow others to hold their own truths.

    • Use concise, appropriate language to avoid misperceptions. (A list of oft-misused terminologies in metaphysical practices can be found using the button below.)

  • Thou shalt honor thyself and fellow citizens (names, practices, identifications, etc.). Intolerance will NOT be tolerated. (i.e. Hate speech against any culture, religion, person, etc.) Being respectful of others’ beliefs and practices does not mean we agree with them but are honoring their right to choose.​

    • Freedom of speech does not include words that would cause incitement, defamation of character, fraud/untruths, obscenity, fighting words, threats, etc.

    • Before you speak, THINK – are the words True Helpful Inspiring Necessary Kind?
      (The Buddhist perspective is to determine if your words are True, kind, helpful, conducive to harmony, and spoken at the right time.)

    • We will not use labels in our groups, workshops, or practices – there is no need to put anyone in a box, unless they are comfortable with labels they place on themselves.

  • Practice personal responsibility

    • Thou shalt think and decide for thyself, and allow others to think and decide for themselves. Speak up for yourself and what you believe in without treading on others’ rights.

    • Blindly following others is a form of self-sabotage – question everything and integrate only the things that resonate with you.

    • All experiences are learning opportunities – fully engage whenever possible and take ownership of your actions.

    • Be on time for scheduled events, workshops, and sessions.

  • Engage in community; support each other.

    • Even in today's world, some people may face repercussions from engaging in "alternative" and metaphysical practices. To keep and maintain an open, safe space for all, do not talk about the people you meet or share any photos outside of the event, session, or group without express permission. 

    • We are all here to learn and grow with each other; maintain a healthy level of respect with all you encounter. 

  • During our workshops, sessions, and events, we will be working together in Sacred Space to promote openness, comfort, and healing for the highest good of all. 

    • Working in tandem energy-wise is a given when ‘working’ together; be aware of the exchange(s) but do not take advantage of the connection (i.e. vampirism). 

    • Be a conscious custodian of own energy – every person’s energy in a group setting will affect everyone else’s energy.

    • Treat the sacred space, tools, and other participants with respect – when in doubt, ask!

    • Minimize distractions – silence phones, be attentive, etc.

Code of Ethics
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