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In-person Holistic Health and
Life Coach services

Self-care and energetic balance are an important part of our everyday lives! The famous saying goes that we "can't pour from an empty cup", and self-care helps us to remember compassion and caring for our own health and wellbeing. Taking care of our Selves helps us to face our days with confidence and authenticity, as well as setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in our interactions!
Self-care is not only pampering yourself or taking a “time out” from your busy life, but also includes gaining insight into the situations in your life, keeping your physical space and aura cleared of ‘negative’ energies and influences, and practicing mindfulness.

Our holistic health services include light touch or hands-off energy balancing within the body, opening channels to promote self-healing, and clearing "stuck energies" to promote health and wellness. 

Our Spiritual Empowerment Life Coach services are designed to help create attainable goals in life and take the steps to achieve them. Life Coach services can include one session to get you started or are available as a series to provide support and insights along the way. 

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