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Transmutation vs. Creation and Destruction

A friend asked me recently how we would transmute energies in the body. I’ve been thinking for a few days now how to answer that question – I know how I do it but not how to explain it… How do we put something like that into words?

The following is a typical experience for me, so we’ll use it as an example. 😊 Say we have something in our lives that we still carry “anger” for – the situation was resolved (mostly), we feel and believe that we’ve processed what we needed to for that situation (mostly), and we’ve moved on (mostly). Then something else comes up and without initially realizing it, that “anger” becomes a full-fledged fire that we don’t know how to handle – this new situation may have nothing to do with the old situation, but we still feel that piece within that wasn’t healed reacting to this new situation as if nothing had changed and no time had passed. Does this sound familiar? So what do we do; how do we handle it? Besides figuratively burning down everything around us and / or running away…?

Let’s start with definitions – what does transmute mean? According to Merriam Webster, transmute means “to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form”.(1) Which brings us to alchemy [which has a very interesting etymology according to Merriam Webster, see the link below] – “a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way”.(2)

In that case, energy work, healing sessions, chakra work, journeying (transcendental meditation), or anything else we do at the energy level to shift our ‘vibrations’ for our highest good would then be considered a transmutation or alchemical process by the above definition – would you agree?

However, we as a society do not always use the words that we actually mean to say as, on average, people as a whole might not understand them. This is especially true in the metaphysical community – humanity at large doesn’t always understand the words [which leads to fear…a whole other story], and metaphysicians don’t always understand them either, so we ALL fall back on words that are familiar. Take manifestation for instance – “manifestation” in metaphysics is understood as ‘creating’ something through intent and work, and bringing it into ‘being’. Merriam Webster describes the root word manifest as “readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight” or “easily understood or recognized by the mind” (adjective) or “to make evident or certain by showing or displaying” (transitive verb).(3) According to the dictionary, we are bringing things into being then that already exist and can be perceived – until we read further on the ‘manifestation’ page and see it listed as “an occult phenomenon – materialization”.(4) Side note – when I hear the word materialization, I think of ghosts lol. Something “appeared” out of nowhere – but it was there all the time, right?!

Are you still with me? 😊 I am going somewhere with this. 😉

Quite often, we are taught in metaphysical / New Age practices to “create” that which we want through hard work and intent (<--- manifestation) and “destroy” that which we don’t want. Take out that anger we don’t want and stamp it out like embers from a fire. No more fire! We are also taught that we are co-creators of our realities – we are as much a part of the Divine as everything else in Creation, and therefore have the right and ability to use our will and passions to “create” the life / reality we want.

But if we really think about it, that’s not what we’re doing at the core, is it?

As alchemy practices were transitioning to chemistry practices in the 17th and 18th centuries, part of the core concepts and theories was that matter could not be created or destroyed, no matter how it changed shape – the Law of Conservation of Mass.(5) From here, we could jump headlong into the theories of relativity, that energy could equal mass, and that the Law of Conservation of Mass is not entirely true – which would then lead into quantum physics, and that all of time and space can exist at a single point – and all the fun science theory stuff. 😊 Since we are talking meta-physics, we’ll stop there for the time being and get back to the task at hand. 😊

So if we put the pieces together, under the premise that matter cannot be created or destroyed – doing energy work for our highest good and the good of others, journeying onto other planes of existence to understand things from a different perspective, tapping in to possible past and future timelines, and / or manifesting / co-creating our realities, we are NOT creating something new or destroying the old, but instead replacing or transmuting it.

If something “materializes” it appears as if from nowhere, but it was there all along and the fog / veil / obstacle shifted, right?! If we are carrying energies that we no longer need or picked up along the way, we can “scoop it” out of our energy field, so to speak, and offer it to the Earth to be neutralized, or feed it to a Fire, release it into the Air or Water, or give it over to a higher power, but we are not destroying it. We are trusting the Elements and Spirit to change it into something that is not harmful. If we’re carrying an entity, we can banish it to another plane, ‘send it home’, or kill it, but we are not “destroying” it. When we ‘remove’ energies and entities, we then fill in the space with something of a higher vibration (love, light energies, etc.), thus replacing what we had as well as transmuting what we removed.

I propose that when we manifest, we are not creating but instead bringing into our reality something that already exists, based on the time and space theory. We, as Divine creatures, have the ability to know what we want and to make it happen, not necessarily through “creation” but by transmuting what we have now into what we’d like to have. Shift a little here, work a little there, and bam! we have brought forward the thing / situation that we wanted. We may have to delve further into timelines and all of that stuff in the future. 😉

So back to our original question and example. How do we transmute the anger, or whatever piece is inside of us that we don’t want to “destroy” but needs to change? We WANT to change it, not remove or destroy it – in this case, anger can be used as a catalyst for the change we do need in our lives. The question then becomes, what part of us wants to be recognized that is hiding inside the anger?

As practitioners, we can examine that piece of us and find the hidden kernel of truth inside of it. Side note – by practitioners, I simply mean people who are self-aware and work to do what is best for themselves, including people who have been “trained” or do the work with the public. Use whatever visualization works best for you – travel inside to sit within the feeling, visualize pulling it out of the body so you can ‘look’ at it, ask the question and let your body or Guides answer, etc. Truly immerse yourself in the feeling / energy and examine it. Determine what it IS and what you WANT it to be. Then shift it into what you want – bring in light energy to add to it to change the vibration – breathe life and understanding into it so the part of you that needs attention ‘feels’ seen – give yourself forgiveness if that is what is needed… the list goes on. You will know what works for your highest good while doing the work. <3 And if the answer doesn’t come for you, ask your Guides / Deity / Source; that’s what they are here for. <3

Clear as mud? It’s much easier, and harder!, in practice than it sounds. Describing it may lend to it sounding harder than it is, but don’t let that stop you. With a little bit of faith, trust, and pixie dust 😉 EVERYTHING is possible.

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