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Shielding 3/4/2020

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Shielding is an important tool to add to one’s Self Care toolbox and is something one can practice once he or she is familiar with his or her personal energy and has some practice with visualizations.

What does “shielding” mean? To shield means to protect someone or something from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience -or- to prevent from being seen, according to the Oxford Dictionary. If one takes these meanings and applies them to energy work, one can learn to manipulate the personal energy field in a way that will provide this protection. Shielding is a way to manipulate one’s personal energy in a way that keeps unwanted energies out of one’s space, filters what comes through into one’s space, keeps one’s energy in, or can help one ‘blend’ into a physical space.

Energy shields can take on many forms. Energy shields can be tall, thick, and completely impenetrable -or- thin, strong, and semi-permeable -or- anything in between. They can be ‘made’ of many different visualizations – such as iron, rock, eggshell, scales, fog, mirrors, etc. Shields can also change depending on the circumstances as well as evolve with your spiritual practice.

To create an energy shield, practice during meditation can be helpful in building the tools that will enhance one’s shield along the way. Practicing during meditation allows one to ‘play’ with different visualizations, check in with the body to determine how much energy is needed for each change, and ‘strengthen’ the visualization / shield in a safe space. One can also create triggers during a meditative practice that will help bring up a shield in the moment it’s needed, once the trigger is employed. Triggers can be hand motions, mantras, a breathing pattern – essentially anything that one can think of that can be assigned to that specific action and used at any time.

A word of CAUTION: As with all magical / energy work, shielding is a tool that can become overused or may cause a detriment to a person if not used wisely. For instance, creating an iron or brick wall that is kept up at all times keeps out ALL things – whether those things are good, bad, or indifferent. If the wall is impenetrable, one may be missing out on life-giving things or lessons that could lead to growth. If one uses a shield at all times, he or she may run the risk of depleting their personal energy and becoming tired and / or ill. While shielding, it is important to remain cognizant of the immediate situation, what type of shield is needed, and maintain a good personal energy level by remaining centered. Another thing to keep in mind is that connections with others are part of a natural energy exchange that all beings share.

Several ways to create a shield: (not inclusive)

Bring your energy in close to your body – or – expand your energy enough to ‘test’ the energies around you;

Visualize the outer edge of your aura becoming a ‘shell’ of sorts – or – focus on your core of energy and extend it out to cover / surround your body;

State your intention;

Hold a good posture and maintain a positive (or at least centered) outlook;

Ask Deity, angels, spirit guides, etc. to assist in creating and maintaining the shield;

Use ‘white light’ to surround the body or space;

View as creating a secure space to keep things out -or- view as creating a secure space to keep things in;

Practice detachment from things going on around you;

Speaking mantras out loud to boost your attention;

Working with crystals and other natural helpers to strengthen your shield.

Further references:

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