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Of Lightbeams and Elephants ~ by MoJo

One may safely say with absolute certainty, or at the very least, beyond anything resembling doubt, the following statement:

Stating that Quantum Mechanics justifies the Magic Bullet Theory of how one of our presidents was assasinated, is in essence, asking us to believe in a fantasy. This is the most abhorrent abuse of Quantum Mechanics as I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot.

That being said, on Lightbeams and Elephants, I will demonstrate how much fantasy is indeed behind reality.

We should come to expect that anything that upholds reality, which makes it be real…this is to say, its fundamental elements, must by definition be not real.

This in no way denies reality. Quite likewise, because if nothing was real, nothing would exist, there would essentially be no one to ask the question.

All consideration of the nature of reality which denies reality, denies that such a conversation may take place, even as an illusion. For if a thing is an illusion, then it is an illusion, and exists as such. No matter how the illusion appears, if it is a thing, it is real.

Therefore, reality cannot be considered to be the only elements which may exist within the universe. This says nothing of the nature of unreal things, which are none the less, things. Only that they do not fit the criterion for being considered “Real”.

This says nothing of existence, for if there are real things and unreal things, they must all be part of the same universe you and I see, feel, touch, sense….witness, experience. Even if they are nothing more than illusions.

This is important, because it may seem, that while the universe is still there when you aren’t looking at it, there really is no way to say WHAT it is when you aren’t looking at it.

One could say anything at all about the universe when it is not observed and not be wrong.

Not being wrong, however, is far, far worse than not being right.

As I have little fear of being wrong, much less…not even wrong…I will make the following statemtent.

When we are not looking at it, it just might be an elephant.

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