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A Morality of Nihilism ~ by MoJo

The Universe is filled at every place and moment

With silly, random vibrations. From On to Off, and every strange step between. Comprised of nothing more than possibility, energy emerges. With no more form than perhaps water, energy coalesces into matter. It is nothing more than chance coincidence that you and I are.

Of this, there is no dispute.


When one realizes, that this state of existence can only have one meaning. That there is no higher purpose of existence, other than to exist. The void of possibilities yawns wide, threatening to swallow even the ego. To anilihate all beliefs. All horrors and all perceptions, all joy and all hope vanish in a puff of vapor that cannot even be described as smoke. There is not one thing in this universe that was not made from the universe, therefore no part of it more important, or any less significant than any other.

This is the enlightenment of Nihilism. This is the Transcendence of Awakening, open to all who seek it.

Nothing Matters.

When no choice has any inherent import. No specific set of significances over another, the Universe has No Meaning.

And yet, it exists. And this has meaning to us.

And the gongs of awakenings ring in gentle subtleties, like water falling upon the surface of a pond. And this has meaning. It has meaning to us. And therefore, it can be certainly considered that that which exists in the universe… brings meaning to it. As we are as well, part of that existence. And if we are Concscious, then, so certainly must the universe be.

And this has meaning to us, only because we bring meaning to the universe itself.

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