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Spirit of Drakaina LLC

Re-discover your Authentic Self
What Ignites Your Spark? 

Spirit of Drakaina LLC serves the local and online alternative, spiritual, and holistic communities – providing holistic healing services and workshops for learning and growth! Our goal is to raise awareness, equality, and empowerment for all walks of life through education, acceptance, compassion, and growth.

We provide a variety of services and products, tailored to fit your needs! Every person is on their own path of growth and healing, and we strive to meet every person where they are to provide the best service possible. Please visit our Services page for Energy Healing, Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching, House Clearings, Interfaith Minister Services, and workshop information ~and/or~ our Store page for the perfect product for practicing Spirituality in Your Everyday Life!


Spirit of Drakaina LLC now has an office space in Manhattan! We are open by appointment only at this time; please click Book Online to schedule your appointment!  

**Please pardon our dust - the website is a work in progress at this time. Some forms and pages may not load correctly, but we are taking appointments and seeing the traffic. :) If you have any questions or would like to discuss options, please email me at Thank you for stopping by!**

Desert River
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Finding Our Missing Pieces

When I first consciously started on this path, I was aware of some “missing pieces” in my life - I truly wanted to regain my balance and didn’t know where to look! I didn’t know where to start to bring about my own healing, what changes to make in my life perspectives, what questions to ask, or even how to name those ‘things’ I was yearning for! Thankfully, some people around me recognized what I was going through and helped me find the path and healing I was seeking. With Spirit of Drakaina LLC, my goal is to pay that kindness forward to you! I am here to assist you in building your spiritual toolbox, in recognizing the ‘missing pieces’ and how to bring them back into awareness, and in regaining your balance and confidence! I see you for who you are underneath the mask of conditioning, fears, and life experiences, and can help you fully “become one” with the person you want to be.
With Spirit of Drakaina LLC, I strive to provide a compassionate, comfortable, accessible space where you can expand your knowledge, learn the tools that are available to you, and express yourself in a safe, unconditional, judgement-free space. I also seek to shed light on misconceptions based on social stigmas through raising awareness, equality, and empowerment for all walks of life!

My passions in life are problem-solving and helping people.  The main theme for Spirit of Drakaina LLC is “Spirituality in Everyday Lives”, from empowerment workshops, spiritual empowerment life coaching, and healing services to our handcrafted products. Workshops are geared toward empowerment and growth including mindfulness, meditation, and personal energy healing. Handcrafted products are created to fit into mindfulness practices as well as reminding us to have fun with life!

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I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, and do not claim to be. The services I provide as a Spiritual Empowerment Life Coach and Holistic Healer are intended to assist you in working with your personal energies as an empowered human. These practices are designed to complement any medical or mental health treatment you are currently undergoing. Discussions and practices are not intended as medical advice and should be discussed with your doctor.
As we face the challenges social distancing has on building community, some offerings are traveling services and others will be available online. SoD will provide the best service possible to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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