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Intention candles

Intention candles

Made of 100% soy wax; crystals included in wax to enhance spells / intuition / intentions. No scents or colors added. Approximate burn time 1-2 hours. Please burn in or on an approved container; soy wax melts in a puddle and burns away completely for easy cleanup. Crystals may be cleaned and added to decorations or other workings. Results may vary based on the container. Use your intuition when selecting an intention candle - which crystal calls to you?

Garnet - travel; healing broken-heartedness
Aventurine - prosperity; leadership; open-mindedness
Rose Quartz - compassion; self love
Moonstone - emotional openness; lucid dreaming
Hematite - grounding; protection
Rhodonite - relaxation; revitalization
Unakite - vision; balance
Sodalite - guardian; unites logic with intuition
Tiger Eye - attention to detail
Amethyst - improves decision-making
Snowflake Obsidian

  • Care and Safety Warnings

    Do not leave burning candles unattended or place an open flame near items that may catch fire. Wax and containers will be hot; do not handle until completely cooled. Spirit of Drakaina LLC and its employees cannot accept liability for any damages or personal injury that may occur when handling or using this product.

  • Disclaimer

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