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Handcarved Runes

Handcarved Runes

The Runes are an ancient alphabet, steeped in the lore and mythology of Nordic and Anglo-Saxon peoples. Working with the Runes is an important venture, both in learning what the Runes have to say to you as well as how you respond when working with them. They are helpful ‘friends’ (as opposed to tools) in learning more about yourself, the decisions you make, and how to navigate your paths in life. Handling the Runes, learning their histories and meanings, and trusting in your intuition to gain an understanding of them is an important part of the growth and learning that Runes provide. The cards that will accompany your set are a very basic guideline to provide a starting place.
While doing your research, bear in mind that many modern interpretations of the Runes and their meanings exist, some of which are not closely related to the Runes first usages. Following your intuition and learning what resonates with you is also an important part of divination. Most of all, remember to honor your Runes and have fun while learning!
Wood runes are made of Purpleheart wood and Maple wood; hand drawn; woodburning.

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Details will be discussed when order is placed, as each item is handmade to specifications. Thank you!
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